ONENET™ Smart Air Solution

ONENET™ Smart  Air Quality Solution

Air pollution is both an environmental and social problem that affects human health, ecosystems, environment, and the climate, affecting humans and animals not only via air but also via water and food intake. It has large economic impact by increasing medical costs and reducing productivity through working days lost across the economy.


TRICOM Smart Air Quality Monitoring solution is leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure IoT infrastructure and developing a state-of-art integrated platform for detecting, monitoring, and managing the air quality.




Through the intuitive and customizable dashboard, you can monitor the accurate and reliable PM2.5, CO2, noise, temperature, and humidity data in real time for improving the air quality and the system will send an instant alert if an air quality risk is detected.

TRICOM Smart Air Quality Monitoring solution integrates the own brand or partners’ smart air quality sensor (IoT terminal), telecommunication service provider (NB-IoT/CAT), and Microsoft Azure as a robust, efficiency, and the end-2-end solution.  The well documented RESTful API enables clients to accelerate time to market.


The TRITOM NB IoT Air Quality Monitor

The NB IoT Air quality Monitor can be easily deployed at any location at a fraction of the costs of traditional Air Quality monitoring stations. This flexibility gives cities the ability to take a deeper look at the root causes of air pollution and also allows a City to track the impact of public policy changes related to air pollution on a specific area. High quality calibrated electrochemical sensors are used to measure gas concentrations and laser based optical sensors are used for detecting the concentration of air born particles.