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NDAA Compliant

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Unlimited data with the plan options that provide different amount of high-speed data. You can choose the monthly data usage amount you need.


Once you run out of the 5G data allotment included in your plan, then unlimited data at up to 256Kbps in 215+ countries and destinations.

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High Speed Internet right in your pocket

TRI CASCADE VOS 5G users can connect their laptops, tablets, desktops, and any USB-C 3.1 above powered network device to have direct internet access for 5G speeds immediately. VOS 5G gives you superfast and secure network access with very low latency. It is the ultimate solution for file transfers, streaming, video conferencing and so much more to increase your work productivity.


No need any extra setup requirements

TRI CASCADE VOS 5G will quickly connect to your device once it is attached to provide super-fast 5G network connectivity. There is no need to install any additional drivers or software.

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4G/5G Network Capability


TRI CASCADE VOS 5G is backwards compatible with your carriers 4G LTE network, always providing you with a seamless Internet connection.


5G Mobility with Secure Productivity

Whether for your business or personal use, Internet speeds mean everything. When you are on the go for business or pleasure, you don’t need to search for a public hotspot or coffee shop. Just plug your TRI CASCADE VOS 5G dongle into your device and securely connect to your personal high-speed network without the concerns of public Wi-Fi areas safeguarding the best way to protect your privacy!


NDAA Compliant

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Now, You Are Connected!

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TRI CASCADE VOS 5G iPad USB-C port compatibility

TRI CASCADE VOS 5G Dongle can now connect to the new-generation iPad that features a USB type C port and without a need to install any additional drivers, software, or apps. Today, those who use iPads (with USB-C ports), for professional or personal reasons, can enjoy the ultimate, mobile-tech solution with on-the-go convenience and off-the-charts capabilities like efficient large file transfers, downloads, streaming, video conferencing, and much more.

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In our life today, the most important thing is not A.I., not a fancy car,

not a lot of nice clothes.


It is Internet. Without Internet, our life or business stops instantly.


We demand to have the access of Internet no matter where we are.


And that is what Tri Cascade VOS 5G Dongle for.

Max Li

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