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TRI CASCADE’s TRITOM SG500M2-X 5G module has been certified by
T-Mobile USA.

Irvine, California May 24, 2022 — Saddle Ranch Media Inc.’s (“SRMX”) subsidiary, Tri Cascade, Inc., announced today that its 5G New Radio (NR) module, the TRITOM SG500M2-X, has received T-Mobile Technical Acceptance (TA) and has been certified by T-Mobile for operation on T-Mobile’s 5G NR and LTE network in the United States.

TRITOM 5G M2_SG500M2-X_product sheet.jpg

Tri Cascade’s TRITOM SG500M2-X is a 5G module designed with M.2 form factor, which especially optimizes eMBB & IoT applications. Based on Qualcomm’s commercial 5G platform, TRITOM SG500M2-X supports both 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) or Standalone (SA) network architectures and has fully passedT-Mobile’s tests. Soon it will be able to fully support Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) for Private Networks, coupled with integrated GNSS for location service as well.

Tri Cascade’s TRITOM SG500M2-X will support Linux and Windows operating systems. It also supports 5G network slicing functions, enabling customers to immediately deploy a wide range of 5G devices and applications that are latency sensitive across North America, such as home CPE/gateway, Industry 4.0, VR/AR glass, commercial augmented and virtual reality, Industrial IoT, 8K TV/video camera and more.


“With 5G’s capability of driving AI and ML in Manufacturing, increasing Public Safety and expanding Supply Chain Management we see Tri Cascade’s certification with T-Mobile introducing us to a broader base of clients. 5G facilitates higher data speeds with lower latency allowing connected IoT devices to communicate and share data at higher speeds. 5G enables an increase in connection density which allows more devices to connect with efficient signaling for IoT, this will enable us to address many of our client’s needs.” said Jerome Riordan, Vice President Global Business Development and Sales of Tri Cascade, Inc.

Other than the 5G development support, Tri Cascade TRITOM SG500M2-X module also comes with onboarding platform for SIM management under T-Mobile’s network. This platform can be integrated with customer device management platforms, so our partners can manage their 5G operation with a turnkey operational platform. For further information please visit or send your request to


Tri Cascade, Inc., an authorized Telecom IoT Service Provider based in Irvine, California with design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. Tri Cascade provides leading-edge NB IoT to 5G solutions and innovation, through its various IoT devices and ONENET B2B IoT Onboarding Platform - certified by Microsoft IoT Sphere under Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub - for business and infrastructure IoT operations. Tri Cascade's Management Team has extensive years of innovation experience in Energy Efficiency Management, Home Automation, Wireless Networking, and Telecom IoT Connectivity, as well as Cloud Management integration services. Tri Cascade envisions a turnkey IoT business solution for our business partners since recently we added a complete supply chain of manufacturing operations, with product development capability, in Taiwan. Our focus is it provide the Smart way of managing our environment both indoor and outdoor through the transmission, integration, monitoring and reaction to/from data management. Tri Cascade creates innovative Smart IoT solutions!

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