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About Us



  • August VOS 5G Dongle on market

  • VOS 5G Dongle obtained FCC certification

  • VOS 5G Dongle 

  • 5G connected Car and 5G IoT Security solution

  • CAT-1 up to 5G solutions and services for smart home, smart neighborhood,  and smart environment with focus on energy management and LTE and 5G connectivity

  • TRITOM M.2 module obtained FCC certification

  • TRITOM M.2 module obtained PTCRB certification

  • T-Mobile certified NB-IoT / CAT. M Modem

  • ONENET Platform (API T-Mobile wholesale NextGen WebPortal)

  • NB-IoT Air


  • Broadband

  • Mesh

  • iBright WiFi Smart Home series

  • Smart Plug

  • Smart Lighting

  • iBright 7 WiFi Smart Surge Protector



  • Zigbee Smart Home

  • iBright 7 WiFi Smart Surge Protector

  • Tri Cascade, Inc. founded in California

  • Head Quarter: Newport Beach, California, US

  • R&D & Manufacturing Operations: Taipei, Taiwan

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