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The ONENET™ Platform Solution

The ONENET™ platform

As the next 10 billion IoT devices come online, the industry will face some formidable challenges, such as ensuring the security of its devices, powering billions of sensors, and handling all the resulting e-waste.


The ONENET™ platform is designed for managing the near coming billions of IoT devices and data. It leverages the power of Microsoft Azure IoT infrastructure and develops the most sophisticated IoT device and SIM data management platform, in order to fulfill the coming massive IoT devices management operation, manage every of your IoT SIM device and monitor the data usage.

SIM Management

  • Easy SIM import (single CCID or bulk csv import supported)

  • Easy Search (by partner, domain, SIM state, time range and SIM number)

  • Bulk Operation (Active, Deactivate, Suspend, Restore, Reactivate)

  • Email notification on SIM operation result (Success, Failure, Timeout statistic and Reasoning)

  • SIM detail information retrieval and data usage

  • Easy bulk SIM information export

  • SIM operation event history storage, tracking and easy retrieval

  • Location based SIM signal strength detection for installer configuration

Device Management

  • View device detail information

  • Search device by domain

  • Show/Move/Hide device on map

  • Download device’s last 24 hours data log

  • Device dashboard embedded HTML code for 3rd party usage

  • Bulk real-time device control by SMS

  • Device history data export

  • Send commands from cloud to device

  • FW upgrade from Cloud to device


The ONENET™ platform enables di-directional communication between cloud and devices, for sending command and receiving data. The enterprise scale and integration allow enterprise users to scale up and down, depends on the numbers of end user and device. And batch upload SIM information to activate data plans, single or batch de-activate, IP whitelist and blacklist for security purpose. Billing system allows partners to download the auto generated invoices based on monthly streaming usage.


IoT-scale automated provisioning grants end users to access to the platform and applications based on users’ role and permission levels. The centralized provisioning workflow helps enterprise to prevent inappropriate access, excess permission to its end users, and to avoid unnecessary security risks.

The ONENET™ platform is the most robust and sophisticate IoT management platform for customers choice, and the documented RESTful API enables customers avoid costly and time-consuming process of data management platform development.

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Tri-Cascade LTE/5G IoT Platform Architecture            

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