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Tell us your VOS 5G story and get another VOS 5G for FREE! 
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MSRP $399.00, sale price $349.99

This offer is only limited to the following program.


The submission program is from July 12, 2023 to October 12, 2023


Program offer: Send us your VOS 5G use experience video with a short review, we’ll review the video and your story for consumer’s view and company qualification. Once it is approved, we will edit and upload it to our VOS Experience YouTube Channel. Our VOS team will send out a free VOS 5G dongle of notifying qualified videos with your information that was provided. All you need to do is upload your VOS 5G experience video and a VOS review with our experience uploader on To qualify, you must send us a minimum 60 second video in MPEG-4 format with acceptable resolution.


Note: The free VOS 5G dongle program can only apply on each VOS account (the account is based on the purchased account) and each account can only apply the program once.

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