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The TRITOM Azure Sphere Guardian S100, with Microsoft Azure Sphere-certified chip includes built-in Microsoft security technology, can provide connectivity and a dependable hardware-based root of trust. The TRITOM S100 provides various interface for unconnected equipment which was designed before connectivity for non-IT devices was considered feasible or were intentionally not connected because they were deemed too mission critical to be subjected to the unsafe internet world. Connecting equipment and device to the internet representing innovative business model such as preventive maintenance, justin-time reporting and role-based access to the equipment and data. The TRITOM S100 can be deployed in the following indoor IoT applications and scenarios.

  • Microsoft Azure Sphere-certified chipset with built-in Microsoft security 

  • Provides connectivity and dependable hardware-based root of trust 

  • Replaces need for VPN 

  • IP65 compliant for indoor IoT applications 

  • Target Applications: 

    • Device Management 

    • Asset Management 

    • Property Management 

    • Smart City and Smart Factory 

  • Key Features 

    • LTE CAT-1/CAT-4 Bands 4, 66, 2, 12, 71 

    • LTE CAT-M1/NB1, Band 1 ~ 5, 8, 12, 13, 18 ~ 20, 25 ~ 28, 66, 85 

    • Microsoft Azure Pre-Certified IoT Plug and Play 

    • Supported one Ethernet 10/100 BASE-TX Port with two status LEDs 

    • Supported one micro-USB 2.0 slave port for virtual COM port 

    • Supported one RS-485 port + power in supply pin (D+/D-/GND/V+) 

    • One SIM slot 4FF (Nano) for LTE network (factory-configure) 

    • Two (2) SMA connectors for user-install detachable LTE antenna for extended single range 

    • Six (6) status LED indicators for Power, SIM, LTE, Ethernet, USB and RS485 status 

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