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Founded in May 2010, Tri Cascade, Inc., an authorized telecom IoT Service Provider based in Irvine, California with design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. Tri Cascade provides leading-edge NB IoT, CAT-M, LTE IoT to 5G solutions and innovation, through its various IoT devices and ONENET B2B IoT Platform -  Microsoft IoT Sphere under Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub - for business and infrastructure IoT operations. Tri Cascade's Management Team has extensive years of innovation experience in Energy Efficiency Management, Home Automation, Wireless Networking, and Telecom IoT Connectivity, as well as Cloud Management integration services. Tri Cascade envisions a turnkey IoT business solution for our business partners since we have a complete supply chain of manufacturing operations, with product development capability, in Taiwan. Our focus is providing the Smart way of managing our environment - both indoor and outdoor. We don't just manufacture Product - we create innovative Smart IoT solutions!

Tri Cascade, Inc. is a IoT solution provider .

We solve for enterprise IoT use cases by providing secure, scalable, deployment ready solutions in partnership with leading ODM vendors for hardware, connectivity providers and secure cloud platforms

• 5G ready IoT solutions

• Smart Thermostat

• With embedded voice control

• Smart home eco system

• IoT Security

• B2B Device Management and SIM management platform based on Azure

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