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SRMX Announces the Acquisition of the Majority Ownership of Allied Rich LLC

IRVINE, Calif., October 16, 2023 — Saddle Ranch Media, Inc.’(OTCMKTS: SRMX) today announced the acquisition of a majority ownership of Allied Rich LLC , effective October 1, 2023

Formed in 2008, Allied Rich LLC has developed key relationships and contacts with offshore manufacturing companies from which the LLC imports a variety of kitchen products for wholesale sale against payment guarantees provided by a network of U.S. retailers. The LLC is managed by Bob McGeeney from its base in downtown Chicago and has achieved gross revenues of approximately $1.5 million annually. The merger with Saddle Ranch Media, Inc with it’s ownership of Tri Cascade, Inc – an enterprise based in Irvine, California focused to accelerate the launch of Smart Home devices through secure telecom connectivity - will enable Allied Rich LLC to also expand its sales product line to include Smart devices to help consumers better manage, monitor and remotely control their various kitchen appliances and other home appliances. The cashless consideration for the majority ownership acquisition was made through the issuance of SRMX restricted common shares and enables SRMX to diversify its product lineup, as well as consolidating its product marketing, promotion, and distribution.

About Saddle Ranch Media, Inc Management
Max Li, the CEO of Saddle Ranch Media, Inc., has 12 years of extensive development relationships with Microsoft and Intel. Alongside those companies, he built the first Media Center form factor for consumer living rooms, which was showcased at the Bill Gates Keynote Address of CES 2004. Furthermore, Max has developed the first Wi-Fi Windows universal remote control, and received the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 “Innovation Award” for best design and engineering under the Home Theatre Accessories category. Max brings extensive industry knowledge and hands-on experience to lead SRMX as the chief executive officer.
For questions and additional information, please visit: OTCMRKTS: “SRMX” trading symbol.

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