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Tri Cascade Inc, announces the marketing launch for the retail sale of its TRI CASCADE VOS Connect and Go 5G Dongle on Indiegogo

TRI CASCADE VOS 5G Dongle is now being marketed through Indiegogo at exclusive discounted prices, supported with social media awareness campaigns on Facebook,

Irvine, California, June 8, 2023 — Tri Cascade Inc., a subsidiary of Saddle Ranch Media, Inc. (OTCMKTS“SRMX”) announces the launch of its marketing campaign for the TRI CASCADE VOS 5G “On the GO” Dongle on Indiegogo. A link to the Indiegogo site follows:
Special and exclusive discounted pricing on the TRI CASCADE VOS 5G Dongle is being offered through this Indiegogo site as follows:
Launch Day discount: $100 on each item (25% discount), reducing price to $299
Ongoing discounts: $44 discount on each item, reducing price to $355
$219 discount on 2 items, reducing combined price to $579
$467 discount on 4 items, reducing combined price to $1,129

Awareness of this Indiegogo marketing campaign is being supported by a variety of announcements on leading social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with Indiegogo – a very powerful and much followed platform. With this launch today, coupled with the exclusive discounted pricing, we are confident of closing a significant number of direct-to-consumer sales this month and continuing through the rest of the year. We plan to build on this launch to bring our 5G Dongle to big box stores in Q3 and Q4/2023 ” said Max Li, CEO of Tri Cascade.

The TRI CASCADE VOS 5G pictured below can connect to any laptop, iPad or USB-C connected device to give you an “On the Go” highly secure experience no one else can offer. Whether you are in the car, at a remote location or in a park, TRI CASCADE VOS 5G can give you the super-fast 5G speeds you demand to stay connected and productive.

The TRI CASCADE VOS 5G Connect and Go dongle provides the following benefits:

• Speed: Lightning-quick 5G high-speed Internet. Download speeds up to 2.52 Gbps.
• Security: Lock-safe peer-to-peer connection. No unsecured, public Wi-Fi networks.
• Power: Long-and-strong, instant, device-powered connection. No need to charge.
• Portability: Lightweight, ultra-sleek design. Easily fits in a pocket or laptop bag.

TRI CASCADE VOS 5G allows users to immediately upgrade laptops, tablets, desktops, and any USB3.1-powered network device, accessing direct, exclusive, super-fast, highly secure, uninterrupted, 5G Internet — without using a Wi-Fi connection. It is the best option for large file transfers, downloads, streaming, video conferencing, and much more.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, TRI CASCADE VOS 5G provides ultimate flexibility, mobility, and productivity to busy families, students, employees, and travelling business executives (at coffee shops, libraries, airports, presentation meetings, etc.), who demand the highest performance possible to ensure the ultimate Internet experience.
TRI CASCADE VOS 5G Connect and Go is also backward compatible to 4G LTE if 5G connection is not available.

Tri Cascade offers a stress-free way to connect with cousins, collaborate with classmates, or conference with colleagues, anywhere, at any time, without utilizing shared, untrusted hotspot networks that put personal information, private material, or proprietary data at risk.

TRI CASCADE VOS 5G exemplifies its tagline: “Taking Internet Further,” with unparalleled rapidity and unquestionable reliability. It’s time to link to the world without lag time or lax privacy. At last, it’s time for TRI CASCADE VOS 5G. Discover more at


Tri Cascade, Inc., an authorized Telecom IoT Service Provider based in Irvine, California with design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. Tri Cascade provides leading-edge NB IoT to 5G solutions and innovation, through its various IoT devices and ONENET B2B IoT Onboarding Platform - certified by Microsoft IoT Sphere under Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub - for business and infrastructure IoT operations. Tri Cascade's Management Team has extensive years of innovation experience in Energy Efficiency Management, Home Automation, Wireless Networking, and Telecom IoT Connectivity, as well as Cloud Management integration services. Tri Cascade envisions a turnkey IoT business solution for our business partners since recently we added a complete supply chain of manufacturing operations, with product development capability, in Taiwan. Our focus is it provide the Smart way of managing our environment both indoor and outdoor through the transmission, integration, monitoring and reaction to/from data management. Tri Cascade creates innovative Smart IoT solutions! For additional information, please visit:

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