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Letter to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders of Saddle Ranch Media, Inc. (OTCMKTS “SRMX”)     December 15, 2022

On November 23, 2022 we advised that, earlier this year, Tri Cascade, Inc. had established a key supplier relationship with Teal Communications. Based in Seattle, Teal offers flexible and affordable global pricing for any IoT deployment, with freedom to choose which telecom network works best. Any IoT device can be connected with any network worldwide through Teal’s one eSIM platform. We partnered with Teal earlier this year as we did extensive analysis of what best fits Tri Cascade’s future plans of products and the need to not only test and deploy domestically but just about anywhere in the world.

Recently, we participated in a Case Study with Teal to highlight their ability to make SIM management easy, affordable, and seamless. Teal brought simplicity to Tri Cascade’s operational pain points by providing a single eSIM SKU that gives them the ability to connect any IoT onto any network globally. The link to this case study is :

We then followed this up by participating in a Podcast sponsored by Teal, which enabled us to verbally explain the benefit to us from partnering with Teal, as well enabling us to explain more fully our 3 key products scheduled for release into the marketplace in the first half of 2023 – namely our Industrial Modem, our TRI CASCADE VOS 5 G Dongle and our i.VA (interactive voice assisted) cellular (WiFi free) home thermostat/home control hub device. We are encouraging all of our shareholders to view this Podcast through the following link:

More exciting news to follow shortly!! Stay tuned!!

Tri Cascade, Inc. is an authorized Telecom IoT Service Provider based in Irvine, California, with design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. Tri Cascade provides leading-edge NB IoT to 5G solutions and innovation, through its various IoT devices and ONENET B2B IoT Onboarding Platform - certified by Microsoft IoT Sphere under Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub - for business and infrastructure IoT operations. Tri Cascade's Management Team has extensive years of innovation experience in Energy Efficiency Management, Home Automation, Wireless Networking, and Telecom IoT Connectivity, as well as Cloud Management integration services. Tri Cascade envisions a turnkey IoT business solution for our business partners since recently we added a complete supply chain of manufacturing operations, with product development capability, in Taiwan. Our focus is to provide smart ways of managing our environment, both indoor and outdoor, through the transmission, integration, monitoring and reaction to/from data management. Tri Cascade creates innovative Smart IoT solutions!
For questions and additional information, please visit:
See also : OTCMRKTS: “SRMX” trading symbol.

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